My Story

For 12 years after graduating college, I happily navigated the professional Marketing/PR world.  In 2014, God called me to take a uncharacteristically giant leap of faith and quit my dreamy non-profit job.  Despite my lack of clear vision as to why, I answered His tug.  

It was clear to me at the beginning He was calling me to write books.  So many books.  I quickly discovered how very wrong I could be when choosing my own path.  God knew I would need a couple years to retreat from professional work in order to focus on my family and the needs of my two littles .  He knew the challenges and joys ahead and gifted my husband and me with the ability to be present through the ebbs and the flows that continue to rush through our life.  He also knew the importance of writing my way through the waves.  This Mama needs to speak openly, honestly, and with vulnerability. It’s my sacred place.  It’s where I hope to follow God’s lead through my voice so that others who relate can find community, and those who don’t relate can better understand.  

Who am I, abbreviated?  I’m an incredibly imperfect believer in Jesus and His grace, an introverted-extrovert, interior designer, coach and advocate for adoption and out of the box kiddos, photographer, singer, infertile adoptive Mama of two, wife, community builder, adoption realist, guacamole addict, and book and podcast enthusiast.  Read alongside me as I navigate this world through words.   Your company is welcomed.