Who’s publishing his first book?  THIS KID (and me)!

“If I Squeeze Your Head, I”m Sorry” is scheduled to launch in September, 2019.

What started in 2017 as a small scale art show about living with and parenting special needs has bloomed into a publishing contract for Rylan and me. Rylan originally drew 15 pictures about what it feels like to live in his brain and paired each drawing with insightful explanations. Following the art show, we printed a version of the show to offer teachers and other integral people in Rylan’s life an artistic glimpse inside his world.  His art, along with the video interview that our YouTube hero, Mr. Chris, filmed about Rylan’s Tourettes and Autism, have had significant impact on his relationships with peers and teachers.

6 months after drafting a book proposal for his unique project, we received a gift that could have only come through God’s grace.  Our agent (Rylan calls her our lawyer) called me while we were basking in the Steamboat, Colorado sunshine. Stephanie informed me that a publishing house read through our proposal and wanted to publish.  No questions asked.  Armonia publishing is owned by a couple who have a son with Autism and have a heart for publishing work the world needs to be challenged by and educated through. Our book fit the mold and as of October, 2018, we are under contract to publish a picture book for children and adults alike.  “If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry,” will uplift, educate, create dialogue, entertain, and allow readers to enter the brain of a child who sees, feels, and understands the world from a remarkably and refreshingly unique perspective. 

We’re humbled and, as Rylan would say, “EPICALLY STOKED” to walk this journey and would love your company!  Tell your neighbor, your hairstylist, your teachers, your great aunt Gerty, your mailwoman, your sister’s friend’s cousin’s therapist’s uncle, tell ALL your people.  Our book baby will hit shelves in September of 2019, but in the meantime we’d sure love to grow a following of Rylan supporters and fans to help us gain momentum for our launch.  

Our passion lies in educating readers of all backgrounds and abilities about the intricacies of the brain and the various ways in which we associate with the world around us on a day to day basis.  Rylan’s work will take readers on an incredible journey.   The book is an inclusive experience that will challenge, educate and create community among young children and adults alike.

You can join team, “If I Squeeze Your Head,” by subscribing below and following our Instagram account. We’ll send updates about the book, pre-order info and launch team opportunities.  Come launch time, there might be a shiny Airstream named Magpie involved.  Just sayin’.  

Our community is inclusive and knows no limits, so hop aboard.


We’re so proud of Rylan’s desire to teach people about the way he toe walks through the world and encourages our brothers and sisters to self advocate.  

Rylan’s artwork is available as a traveling art show.  If you would like to feature his work at a conference, school, gallery, library, community center, church….we would love any and all of it. If you’re interested in partnering with us in any form, please give us a shout!