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Until recently, I thought I had come to a place of really truly understanding myself.  I would have claimed a sufficient amount of self confidence, self awareness in times of trial, ability to cope effectively with twists and turns....I  was in a good place...

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Finality of a Diagnosis

Ry and I sat in yet another bright and cheery medical office at Children's Hospital this morning.  This particular room was purple and blue.  While we've been confident over the past 3-4 years of Autism being an appropriate diagnosis, we haven't gone through the...

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Muddy Shoes

I had to purchase 4 pairs of shoes for our darling son this month.  FOUR.  You see, he has recently discovered a magic fairy tale land down by our river, just steps from our house.  His commentary on this special place of retreat? "So Mom.  To get to our secret land...

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Someday in Heaven

I was sitting in the 3rd row from the front at church, our regular spot.  Susie was talking about heaven in a context I can't put my finger on, because I got lost in a whirlwind of color and textures surrounding my view of heaven as it relates to our family.  I...

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Our family of four was sitting at a picnic table at an Orange Beach playground this week.  An 8 year old Alabama girl walked over to play with our clan and took a seat at the table.  Within 3 minutes, she whispered to our daughter, "Does your brother have special...

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So Much More Than Poo

We learned a lot about poo in our parenting classes.  How to change diapers, all the diaper options, how to wipe, how to handle rashes.  We were solid on poo and how much of it we were about to encounter.  We also learned CPR and got real serious about finding the...

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Two Hands

We pulled into Caroline and Mark's driveway in our boxy blue Volvo that morning.  I couldn't tell you what we talked about during that 20 minute car ride.  A lot of nothing.  What do you say when you're about to lay eyes on your baby boy, 3 weeks new?  What do you say...

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