If you’re just popping in here, welcome.  If you’d like to dig deeper into this community of special needs and adoptive parents and the community supporting them, I encourage you to connect with me, Gwen Vogelzang, through our newsletter and community.  Scout’s honor to NOT give out your information to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  And I’m not about bombarding your inbox with information you’ll send to the virtual trash can.  Our virtual trash cans are overflowing with noise.

Reach out.  Go ahead.  I love it all.  Well, most of it.


It’ll tickle me hot pink to add you to this community.  And men, this is not a girly place to inhabit.  You’ll feel right at home too.  We’ll learn, we’ll chat, we’ll laugh, and most importantly, we’ll breathe.  Because really, breathing is super important.  

All Our Stuff

We've all got stuff.  It does seem like some people are gifted more than others, but we're all in the "stuff" business together.  What I've learned through years of growing in acquaintance with my own stuff is that we don't have the ability to truly wrap our minds or...

A Pebble of Hope

  This morning I had a consult with a doctor who does bio-medical testing for kids and adults who struggle with sensory processing disorder, ADD and a host of additional blessings.  I walked in there feeling blah.  It was a matter of going through the motions....

All or Nothin’

There's not a lot of gray area or haphazard in my genetic makeup.  That can be a really great thing for my family and it can be a really terrible thing.  For me.  For my sanity.  In my current state, I'm "all in" and no holds bar.  In multiple facets. And my head...