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EEG Results

If you know our family you know that we have spent the past couple years investigating, digging, treating, aiding and advocating for our Dude.  God has blessed our little man with an amazing amount of gifts and talents and treasures that we hold so incredibly dear....

Living with Tourettes

6 months back, a friend asked Tim and me if we thought Dude might have Tourettes Syndrome.  I reacted like someone had just stabbed me in the gut.  What an extreme evaluation of my kid.  He didn't have THAT.  Only people who scream and swear have Tourettes.  He just...


If you follow this blog you know how moody I am about when enough therapy is enough for our son.  It's ebbs and flows, as does all of life.  One day we're done and he's great and we're okay letting him "be him."  The next day we feel discouraged and just want to dig...