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If you follow this blog you know how moody I am about when enough therapy is enough for our son.  It's ebbs and flows, as does all of life.  One day we're done and he's great and we're okay letting him "be him."  The next day we feel discouraged and just want to dig...

Left Brain, Right Brain and All That Jazz

If you ask the average human what the right brain is for, a majority of responses will be "It's for all the creative stuff, right? The fun stuff.  The color in life."  That might be what I thought too, before I finished "Disconnected Kids."  This book has laid out the...


The medical world has shifted a lot of concentrated focus to "the brain" in recent days.  The White House is even behind the trend.  Turns out, we know virtually nothing about the human brain.  We thought/think we do, but the brain tends to surprise us and do things...