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A Book Deal from the Sky

Since walking away from my 9-3:30 professional career, my goals and aspirations have been ALL OVER.  So many dreams and so many passions and way too much time to consider each and every one.  I've started and stopped more than is typical for my personality and...

Re-framing Travel

8 months ago our family decided to join a mission trip through our church to Guatemala.  While it fell into the "mission" category, it was hailed as family friendly and a great option for first time international travelers.  3 of us fell into that category, so we...

What Christians are Not

6 years ago I sat at Wahoos Fish Taco with a co-worker who wanted nothing to do with God.  He respected my belief, but wasn't shy about challenging it either.  I liked this about him.  He was refreshing.  The snippit of our conversation that day that I can't set aside...