If you’re just popping in here, welcome.  If you’d like to dig deeper into this community of special needs and adoptive parents and the community supporting them, I encourage you to connect with me, Gwen Vogelzang, through our newsletter and community.  Scout’s honor to NOT give out your information to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  And I’m not about bombarding your inbox with information you’ll send to the virtual trash can.  Our virtual trash cans are overflowing with noise.

Reach out.  Go ahead.  I love it all.  Well, most of it.


It’ll tickle me hot pink to add you to this community.  And men, this is not a girly place to inhabit.  You’ll feel right at home too.  We’ll learn, we’ll chat, we’ll laugh, and most importantly, we’ll breathe.  Because really, breathing is super important.  

Being Still in our Passions

Two years ago marked the launch of what I predicted to be an entrepreneurial A+.  I had an idea that combined a number of my passions and skills and it was going to bless the homes of countless Coloradans.  Failure wasn't part of my mantra, so I took this idea and...

Sweaty Summer

I sat in the obgyn office this morning, surrounded by swelled bellies and women with their feet up.  My 9 year old played with a pop up Sesame Street toy at my feet.  I told him my phone was off limits and what can I say, he's not picky.  My 5 year old scribbled on a...

They Both Love Vinegar

They both love all things vinegar and dislike desserts.  Socks are a nuisance to both their feet and bananas disagree with their taste buds.  Shyness precedes the unveiling of their silly personalities and monkey bars are to be conquered, not avoided.  All these...