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It’ll tickle me hot pink to add you to this community.  And men, this is not a girly place to inhabit.  You’ll feel right at home too.  We’ll learn, we’ll chat, we’ll laugh, and most importantly, we’ll breathe.  Because really, breathing is super important.  

They Both Love Vinegar

They both love all things vinegar and dislike desserts.  Socks are a nuisance to both their feet and bananas disagree with their taste buds.  Shyness precedes the unveiling of their silly personalities and monkey bars are to be conquered, not avoided.  All these...

In Her Shoes

Women around the world experience life in remarkably distinct ways that scream out for connection and community. The paths we walk, the secrets we uncover, the wisdom we inhale, the joy we radiate, the suffering we endure...it simply can not be understood or valued if...


Jacquelyn's story isn't an easy read friends.  It took deep reaching for her to re-tell this experience and we're so grateful for Jacquelyn's bravery and willingness to connect with our readers through tragedy.  We're all familiar with the horror that Congresswoman...