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Welcome to my (Gwen Vogelzang) personal blog. Read about my experiences as a special needs adoptive parent, our family life, and the story behind publishing our first book “If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry.”

Picking Up Her Legs

If you leave the house (and don't live in the middle of the woods) you'll most likely come across an elderly woman or man.  You might walk past them in a rush and barely notice them struggling to reach their destination.  You might sigh a slightly irritated sigh as...

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All Our Stuff

We've all got stuff.  It does seem like some people are gifted more than others, but we're all in the "stuff" business together.  What I've learned through years of growing in acquaintance with my own stuff is that we don't have the ability to truly wrap our minds or...

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Oh there are days.  We all have um.  Filled with things we can't control.  Most days fall below the radar.  And some just seem to fall into the category of "overflowing with things we can't control."  Today was a bit overflowing.  I don't bitch and moan about much and...

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This Boy

Duder has had a great year thus far as a gigantic 1st grader.  He's focusing, he's making it through his long days with just enough gusto, his creativity is off the hook (we have to tell him to turn his brain off quite regularly when we can't keep up with all the...

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Katie Visit

  2 weeks ago, on a Friday morning, I got an email from Squirt's birth mom (we'll call her Katie) that she was in town and would love to see us.  Tim was out of town and Dude was on his way out the door for school. Being that I'm the queen of planning and...

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Our Light

  Tim and I have learned a few things about faith and struggle this past year.  Life hasn't been as we planned it to be.  I know, weird.  Fortunately, God has landed us at a rather amazing place and has issued reminders of his grace throughout our unexpected...

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