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Welcome to my (Gwen Vogelzang) personal blog. Read about my experiences as a special needs adoptive parent, our family life, and the story behind publishing our first book “If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry.”

In Our Family, We….

My tall drinka water husband and I have a lot of ideas on how we want to raise our kids. They shouldn't be super glued to screens. Elmers at most. We want to travel and expose them to God's unending and unbelievably amazing creation. They're taught to put others and...

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Brown, Flaky & Beautiful

I just got back from walking around my parents' neighborhood pond in the south Chicago suburbs.  My son was squeaking the way he does at a baby gosling while I surveyed the dead reeds and grasses.  I'm really drawn to "dead" nature.  Almost like I want to reassure it...

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Lay It On Me

When we discovered our son had sensory processing difficulties, we (I) went berserk trying and buying ALL the sensory tools known to woman.   It's a lot of tools friends.  And money.  How many were a slam dunk?  Maybe 3.  We went through 4 chew necklaces (they call it...

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Until recently, I thought I had come to a place of really truly understanding myself.  I would have claimed a sufficient amount of self confidence, self awareness in times of trial, ability to cope effectively with twists and turns....I  was in a good place...

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Finality of a Diagnosis

Ry and I sat in yet another bright and cheery medical office at Children's Hospital this morning.  This particular room was purple and blue.  While we've been confident over the past 3-4 years of Autism being an appropriate diagnosis, we haven't gone through the...

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Muddy Shoes

I had to purchase 4 pairs of shoes for our darling son this month.  FOUR.  You see, he has recently discovered a magic fairy tale land down by our river, just steps from our house.  His commentary on this special place of retreat? "So Mom.  To get to our secret land...

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Someday in Heaven

I was sitting in the 3rd row from the front at church, our regular spot.  Susie was talking about heaven in a context I can't put my finger on, because I got lost in a whirlwind of color and textures surrounding my view of heaven as it relates to our family.  I...

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