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Welcome to my (Gwen Vogelzang) personal blog. Read about my experiences as a special needs adoptive parent, our family life, and the story behind publishing our first book “If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry.”

The Myth of Safety

There's this new and growing camp of parents and students.  It's one of the very worst camps to belong to. 20 years ago, this camp was formed here in the US, but it remained really exclusive. Today, you could build a city around it. Our Denver community makes up a...

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Our Mitten Move

We love us some Michigan vacations.  It's the week we look forward to most each year - renting a lake house with family, digging in the sand, dodging the mosquitoes with incessant incest repellent, swimming out to the sand bar, picking blueberries, treating the a/c...

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When Consequences Don’t Work

Have you discovered what happens when consequences don't work for your child? Many basic parenting techniques reflect a consequence and rewards system for behavior.  Johnny didn't get ready for school in time and played with his chickens instead of eating breakfast. ...

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None of This is Tidy

Whether the misguiding was the fault of the people we trusted to lead us, or our own for not digging and researching and reading and asking, it doesn't matter. None of this is tidy. 11 years ago, when we decided to start our family through adoption, we knew nothing. ...

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On the Subject of Dreaming

If you're a parent, specifically a special needs or adoptive/foster parent, do you remember what it feels like to have dreams?  Not dreams for your kids.  Dreams for yourself.  YOU.  Remember her or him? Walt Disney once said, "All our dreams can come true if we have...

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Re-framing Travel

8 months ago our family decided to join a mission trip through our church to Guatemala.  While it fell into the "mission" category, it was hailed as family friendly and a great option for first time international travelers.  3 of us fell into that category, so we...

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What Christians are Not

6 years ago I sat at Wahoos Fish Taco with a co-worker who wanted nothing to do with God.  He respected my belief, but wasn't shy about challenging it either.  I liked this about him.  He was refreshing.  The snippit of our conversation that day that I can't set aside...

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Why So Much Focus?

It's easy to get wrapped up in the role of special needs parent.  And it's also easy to wonder if you spend too much time in your role.  Others wonder that aloud for you when you're really lucky.  Today has been a prime example of a day when I'm left laughing at the...

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