Navigating through the worlds of adoption and raising little ones who are out of the box or have diagnosed special needs is daunting at best.  We entered these two worlds isolated and overwhelmed. I dedicated my world to learning, experiencing, advocating, attending seminars, reading books, and staring at the wall.  My husband and I had no direction.  Our nights were spent guessing at what to do next.  So much trial and error and exhaustion.  After years and years of walking this jagged path, God lead me to the conclusion that my wisdom and experience can not be shelved.  It deserves to be shared with those starting down their own jagged path.  While I don’t have the answers or solutions to straighten anyone’s path, I do have guidance to offer and the ability to be an advocate for parents who are trying their hardest to advocate for their kids or their future as a family.

I would love to walk alongside you and act as a coach and listening ear.  Topics we can discuss range from starting down the adoption road, profile books, finding support groups, infertility, managing relationships through those journeys, walking through diagnosis, working with and choosing therapists, school and everything that comes with that tangled ball of yarn, IEPs and 504’s, attending school meetings with clients, perspective through it all, and staying strong in who you are as a child of God.  And more and more and more.  Because there’s just so much.

I’m also available to work with professionals in the field of special education to provide a parent perspective to the toiling and rewarding work they do.  What do familiese want to hear when you’re offering a diagnosis?  What do they crave when having conversations with teachers?  What is important to remember when providing updates on progress and stumbling blocks?  Often we lose sight of the people behind the conversations and it’s a perspective I would love to share.

If you’re interested in setting up a one-on-one coffee chat in the Denver area or a chat via Facetime, contact me through the form below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


30 minute virtual chat   $25

1 hour virtual chat   $50

1 hour face to face at specified location in the Denver area    $60