hope rock


This morning I had a consult with a doctor who does bio-medical testing for kids and adults who struggle with sensory processing disorder, ADD and a host of additional blessings.  I walked in there feeling blah.  It was a matter of going through the motions.  Kinda how I’ve been walking the earth these last weeks.  “Blah” with moments of “Ahh.”  I walked out of there with a skip in my step and a boisterous “AH” that about knocked me over.  I haven’t felt that skip in way too long.  It was a skip of hope and possibility and feeling understood.  It was a skip of knowing I had found someone who’s in Dude’s corner and therefore, my corner.  And Tim’s corner.  Our corner.

This brilliantly knowledgeable and confident, but gentle woman talked about genetic makeup, hormone levels, serotonin, guava, fight or flight reactors….I understood about 1/4 of what came out of her doctor mouth, but what I heard is that she can HELP him.  There is a heap of HOPE for him.  We’ll do blood work, saliva and urine samples and the results will be like a jack pot of knowledge regarding Dude’s genetic make up.  What levels in his little frame are too high?  Too low?  Just right?  What supplements and minerals and vitamins can we give him to help balance that fight or flight reaction he has lived with since he was in utero?  She knows her stuff.  And that was music to my longing ears.

She’s also going to help us walk through the IEP process and ensure that he gets the help he needs at school.  She gets it and she’s just as frustrated about that subject as yours truly.  She assured me that we are SO not alone in that area and touched on the daily phone calls she gets from families who are at a loss for how to work with their child’s teacher and the lack of understanding and resources available to help in the classroom.  She touched my shoulder, informed me that I was a remarkable communicator for my son’s needs and told me that we’re going to do great things for him.  Together.  THAT is hope friends.  Enough to get me through this maze.  And just in time for Christmas. Bring on the cheer.  This Mama is due.